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Discover a large selection of cosy and high-quality textiles for your bathroom.

Bath mats - your feel-good factor in the bathroom

Do you know the feeling when your feet sink into a soft bath mat? Time to pause for a moment and enjoy. A bath mat brings cosiness into the bathroom. Often referred to as bathroom rugs, they generally bring warmth to a space. Additionally, it's much more pleasant to step onto a soft surface after a shower or bath than onto cold tiles. Apart from these feel-good factors, bath mats protect the floor from unsightly water stains and prevent slipping with wet feet. The bath mats themselves are non-slip thanks to the coated underside. In our range, you can find various sizes, ensuring the right bath mat for your sanctuary. Now, the choice remains between bath mats made of cotton, polyester, or recycled fibres.



Ladessa cotton bath mat from kela 


Small bath mats

If space in your bathroom is limited, small bath mats in front of the shower create a great effect. You'll be welcomed by a cosy bath mat as soon as you step out of the shower, ensuring a safe footing. Small bath mats can also have the advantage that two or more bath mats can be placed to create a cohesive look. Our small bath mats measure 65 x 55 cm and 80 x 50 cm. The classic, beautiful small bath mat Maja in neutral colours is a perfect choice. 


Rectangular bath mats

Rectangular bath mats often simply fit best in a bathroom. This is of course due to the fact that the rooms and the arrangement of the bath and shower typically provide rectangular surfaces. In addition, rectangular bath mats make optimum use of the available space. Rectangular bath mats harmonise perfectly with towels. Their shape gives them a rather clear and simple appearance. In contrast, a round bath mat can appear more playful. However, the overall effect is significantly influenced by the choice of colour, design, and existing decor.   



Your bath mat in numerous colours

Bath mats, due to their significant size, can quickly and easily add colour to your bathroom. These don't have to be bright colours; grey or beige bath mats can wonderfully complement the existing decor. What change would you like for your bathroom? Hopefully, our extensive colour range includes the perfect bath mat for you. 


Leana, Lindano cotton bath mat from kela


Bath mat in beige

Beige encompasses pale brownish tones - natural colours. Bath mats in beige look warmer than a shade of grey and harmonise with many colours. Do you already have a very natural bathroom design? Beige bath mats or bathroom rugs in beige are a perfect choice for bathrooms with natural wood elements.


Bath mat in green

Shades of green with a high blue content are refreshing and fit well in the bathroom. Towels in the same colour can provide support so that the colour with the bath mat does not remain a single splash of colour in the bathroom. Green is a colour that frequently changes but always remains trendy. For inspiration, explore our Colours of Green collection.


Bath mat in white

White bath mats are classics and fit into any bathroom. Especially in Nordic-style bathrooms, which use a lot of white, white bath mats add lightness and a sense of cleanliness. To avoid a sterile look, pastel tones can be harmoniously added. 



Your bath mat made from different materials

There are various materials to choose from for bath mats, with many bath mats made from cotton or polyester. In addition to an attractive appearance, a pleasant feel is particularly important. The bath mat should be soft, pleasant to the touch and skin-friendly. A beautiful bathroom accessory with a high feel-good factor. In our range you will find bath mats made of cotton and polyester. Often, there is a personal preference for a specific material. To aid your decision, here are the characteristics of each material: 


Bath mat made of polyester

Synthetic fibres often resemble natural fibres in appearance. The feel and touch is different to that of bath mats made from natural fibres. Bath mats made of polyester also provide a high comfort level for the feet, as they are wonderfully soft depending on the pile height. As polyester fibres have a smooth surface, they absorb less moisture. Conversely, polyester bath mats dry faster than cotton bath mats. Polyester retains its shape and is easy to clean and can simply be machine washed when dirty. 



Non-slip bath mats thanks to anti-slip underside



Unique bath mats

Bath mats are by no means boring and enrich every bathroom - whether a small or large wellness oasis. Special colours, an extra cosy pile or modern woven structures and designs turn bath mats into real favourite accessories.

Bath mats in rosewood or a fresh mint green add a splash of colour to the bathroom, while a pile height of 20 mm or more attracts attention with its cosy appearance alone. And if you are looking for special designs, you can choose a great colour from the Leana series with a woven structure or opt for the Lindano bath mat with a woven-in star motif. 



Bath mats in a set

Does your bathroom have space for two bath mats? The Lindano bath mats in a set will give your bathroom a new look. The woven-in star gives the bath mats a modern and youthful appearance. The neutral colours of glacier grey and snow white suit every bathroom and every interior. The bath mats not only impress with their special look, with a pile height of 18 mm they are cosy and soft and the cotton material is skin-friendly and comfortable. 

If you need different sizes for space reasons, all our bath mats can be combined. The individual ranges offer a choice of between two and four sizes.



Frequently asked questions about bath mats


How can you make a bath mat non-slip?

The majority of bath mats are equipped with an anti-slip underside. This coating reliably prevents the bath mats from slipping on smooth tiles. Non-slip bath mats are usually thicker. Different pile heights ensure softness and a comfortable step. All bath mats in the kela range are non-slip. An exception are the flexible and thin bath mats, which are washable up to 60 °C and suitable for tumble drying. If you already have a bath mat that does not have a coating, a grid-like anti-slip mat for carpets can be a solution. 

How and how often should you wash the bath mat?

Like towels, bath mats should be kept clean and hygienic. Depending on how often and by how many family members the bath mat is ‘walked on’, it can be washed regularly. Non-slip bath mats can usually be washed at up to 30 °C. This temperature is sufficient to remove dust, light dirt, shower gel and shampoo residue. It is advisable to place bath mats with a high pile or with the first wash in a large pillowcase so that the fluff remains collected in it. Some bath mats can easily be washed at 60 °C and can even be tumble dried. 

How do you get bath mats fluffy again?

With the right care, bath mats retain their colours for a long time and remain beautifully soft. Therefore, bath mats should always be washed according to the washing and care instructions provided. The particularly cosy, high-pile bath mats made of cotton and polyester are normally washable at 30 °C. The bath mats are best dried spread out on a drying rack. After drying, the fibres will straighten up again by shaking them and rubbing them through by hand.  

What is the difference between bath mats, bath rugs and bath mats?

Bath mat, bath rug, bath runner … - these are floor mats for the bathroom that provide a secure stand after a shower and offer a soft surface for the feet. These terms are often used interchangeably. The terms bath mat and bath rug usually refer to larger and, above all, thicker models. The thickness of a bath mat is determined by the height of the pile and its weight. Bath mats tend to refer to low-pile, towel-like and flexible mats.   

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