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Mülleimer in schwarz, weiß, blau, wolkenrosa, anthrazit oder beige aus Metall, Edelstahl, Kunststoff oder Acryl.

Cosmetic wastebaskets, trash cans, pedal trash cans, swing lid trash cans and wastebaskets

There are many terms to describe the indispensable bin for bathroom and kitchen refuse. The fact is that the accumulated waste needs to be disposed of quickly and hygienically in suitable trash cans. But which kind of trash can is the right one? What size, material, system? What is the difference between cosmetic wastebaskets, pedal bins, swing lid wastebaskets, and trash cans? We are happy to provide some information all about wastebaskets and offer the right kind of trash can for your needs. At Kela, you can find out about the wide range of products, look through the assortment, and hopefully find what you were looking for. Kela stands for wealth of variety in every price range.

Design and size

Our ambition is to have the right wastebasket for every style of furnishing you use in the bathroom, guest toilet, and kitchen. Depending on its form and the material used, the design may look simple, upbeat or elegant. The range includes conventional round cosmetic and wastebaskets, slightly narrowed bins, and trash cans with a rectangular basic shape. The cosmetics wastebasket Davino is a special highlight, which excels with its extravagant shape and the high-quality stainless steel material it is made of. Should you want to inconspicuously integrate a cosmetic wastebasket in your bathroom or trash can in your kitchen, muted colors would definitely be the right choice. On the other hand, you can have a real eyecatcher in the bathroom with a striking cosmetic wastebasket or a large and perhaps shiny trash can in the kitchen.

The preferred size varies according to the area of ??use and available space. Whereas in the bathroom and guest toilet small cosmetic wastebaskets and swinging lid trash cans would be appropriate, a large trash can or pedal bin which willingly swallows up the accumulated garbage would be more suitable for the kitchen. Kela’s product range includes very small wastebaskets of 1.7 liters up to the big ones in the league with a capacity of 12 liters.

Material and color

Our pedal trash cans are made of plastic, matt or glossy stainless steel, and of colored coated metal also in matt or glossy versions as well. Which material you ultimately choose depends on your personal taste. Some people consider stainless steel or coated metal to be something of a higher quality. All materials are hygienic and easy to clean. A small advantage of plastic cosmetic wastebaskets is certainly the fact that they are completely insensitive to the usually high levels of humidity in the bathroom. The inner buckets for removal and practical cleaning are always made of plastic.

Do you need a very special color? We are most likely able to provide it. With the huge spectrum of colorful and bright colors, natural tones, modern pastel shades, strong in-colors such as petrol or blackberry, the achromatic colors black and white and finally the natural coloring of stainless steel.

Systems and their differences

Foot pedal, pedal bin
The lid opens when you press the pedal with your foot. The advantage here is that you always have both hands free and never directly touch the trash can. Therefore, this opening system is also very hygienic.

Swing top
An integrated cover in the lid distinguishes this type of wastebaskets, which are mainly used in the bathroom for cosmetic waste.

Silent-close system
As soon as the foot pedal is released, the lid closes gently and silently.

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