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Discover a wide range of simple & fancy tea towels in high quality for the kitchen.

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Tea towels - a practical eye-catcher in your kitchen

Tea towels are a staple in every kitchen. Even though most kitchens are equipped with a dishwasher, there's often a need for hand drying. Pans, cutlery, and high-quality glasses are frequently washed by hand and dried with a tea towel. To avoid unsightly water spots, cutlery should also be dried and polished with a tea towel after being washed in the dishwasher. Therefore, tea towels are undoubtedly one of the essential little helpers in the kitchen. 

In addition to the quality of the material, the design plays a significant role in tea towels. Tea towels in harmonious colours or striking patterns can be true eye-catchers in the kitchen. It's lovely when the towel matches the decor style and is coordinated with other kitchen textiles. In terms of quality, tea towels should be absorbent, durable, and lint-free. Long fibres and the weave contribute to tea towels of premium quality.  

Our range offers a wide variety of colours and patterns for tea towels. Add the finishing touch to a harmoniously decorated kitchen with our tea towels. They can be decoratively placed in the kitchen, for instance, on a rack with space for several kitchen towels.



Tea towels from the Tia series, cotton



Your tea towel in different colours & textures

At kela, besides quality, design is of paramount importance to us. As such, we align ourselves with the trending colours and patterns of each season. Our tea towels aren’t meant to be hidden away in drawers; rather, they can serve as decorative kitchen textiles that add vitality to your kitchen. Perfect for spring and summer are fresh colours, like those in our Carla series. Turquoise and green take centre stage in these vibrant kitchen textiles. As autumn and winter approach, tea towels in shades of grey can create a harmonious kitchen atmosphere.

Our waffle tea towels and the kitchen towels from the Tia series offer a distinct texture and feel. What's particularly delightful is that our tea towel collections can be complemented with other kitchen textiles such as aprons, oven mitts, and pot holders. This makes it easy to create a consistent and harmonious overall look in your kitchen.


Carla and Pasado Tea Towel - Wide Range of Colours


Tea towels in black

The colour black is increasingly seen in kitchens, evoking a youthful, modern yet very elegant feel. When selecting black tea towels, choose a design that complements the home's interior style. Being a non-colour, black seamlessly integrates and can be effortlessly paired with other colours. 


Black and white tea towels

Opposites attract, and this timeless principle holds for the colours black and white. The combination creates expressive patterns and designs that are never too overpowering. Black and white tea towels are ideal for bright kitchens, grey fronts, and look fantastic with lots of natural wood.


Tea towels in pink

Pink tea towels add a charming touch to the kitchen and are in vogue all year round. The Tia series offers solid-coloured tea and kitchen towels, while Pasado introduces the shade with a coordinated 3-piece set. Tea towels in pink, lilac, or with a pinkish pattern pair beautifully with white kitchen fronts. 


Terrycloth kitchen towel

Terrycloth kitchen towels are highly absorbent, similar to regular towels. Our kitchen towels, measuring 50 x 50 cm, are slightly smaller than tea towels and are primarily used for drying work surfaces or hands. Due to their higher grammage, these kitchen towels also feel considerably thicker.



Dish hand towels

The term dish towel is usually used synonymously with tea towel. Occasionally, the tactilely more voluminous waffle piqué tea towels are referred to as dish hand towels, as are the terrycloth kitchen towels. These have a much higher grammage than tea towels and, in terms of feel, closely resemble hand towels. Our terrycloth dish hand towels have a weight of 450 g/m² and are used for drying hands and work surfaces.  

In all our kitchen textiles, high-quality workmanship is crucial to us. This means: selecting top-quality cotton fibres and fabrics and ensuring optimal processing. Cleanly sewn edges and corners are as much a part of our standard as practical hanging loops that are neatly integrated into the seam. 



Tea towels in a set

The Pasado series offers a wide selection of tea towel sets for everyday dishwashing. Each set contains three tea towels in one colour direction. With varying, harmoniously coordinated patterns, you can introduce your favourite colour to the kitchen with every set. The tea towel sets in pink and denim blue are perfect for bright and modern kitchens. For a country-style and rustic kitchen setup, the sets in olive green, red, and grey might be a lovely choice. 



Fancy and special tea towels



Tips for care & use of tea towels


  • Pre-Wash: To ensure that tea towels dry effectively and are absorbent, they should be washed at least once before their first use.
  • Avoid Fabric Softener: When washing tea towels, it's advisable to skip the fabric softener. This is because softeners can reduce the absorbency of the material. 
  • Washing Temperature: Our tea towels can be washed at up to 60 °C. At this temperature, most stains are removed, ensuring the tea towels are hygienically clean. If certain stains prove stubborn, placing the damp tea towels in the sun often helps.
  • Separate Dark Colours: Wash dark-coloured tea towels separately whenever possible to prevent them from discolouring lighter ones. 
  • Regular Washing: Regularly replace and launder your tea towels to maintain hygiene.  
  • Follow the Label: Always pay attention to the washing instructions sewn into each tea towel. Adhering to these guidelines will help ensure your tea towels remain in top condition for a long time. 
  • By following these simple tips, you can maintain the durability, appearance, and functionality of your tea towels for many years. 



Frequently asked questions about tea towels


How should tea towels be washed?

Basically, you should follow the care and washing label of the tea towel. Most tea towels can be washed at up to 60 °C, some tea towels can also be washed at 90 °C in the washing machine. A temperature of 60 °C is sufficient to obtain hygienically clean tea towels. Germs and bacteria cannot survive at this temperature. It is important that tea towels are also dried well before washing so that germs, fungi or bacteria cannot settle in the first place. It is also important that tea towels are dried well after washing before they go into the cupboard. Ironing tea towels is also recommended. Smoothed tea towels look better in the kitchen, but ironing also removes germs and bacteria.  

How often should dishtowels be changed?

There isn't a one-size-fits-all recommendation, as it depends on the volume of dishes dried daily and whether the tea towels can dry adequately afterwards. It's crucial to use the tea towel exclusively for dishes and have a separate kitchen towel for drying hands. The purpose of changing and washing tea towels is to eliminate potential germs and bacteria, preventing their transfer onto dishes during drying. Therefore, for one's safety, tea towels should be replaced and laundered regularly.   

Which material should you choose for tea towels?

For tea towels, cotton is a favourable material and is highly suitable for daily use. Cotton absorbs a lot of moisture, is soft and durable, and can withstand many washes. Other materials used include linen, half-linen, and microfiber. Linen towels are the most premium and, consequently, the most expensive among tea towels. They are primarily used for drying and polishing delicate dishes – glasses, cutlery, fine porcelain. While microfiber absorbs less moisture, the advantage is that these tea towels dry very quickly in the air.  

What is the best way to dry tea towels?

Tea towels should be washed at least once before their first use. This not only removes residues from production and any potential coatings or impregnations but also enhances the absorbency of the towel. It's always advisable to wash tea towels without fabric softener, as it can coat the fibres, acting like a sort of sealant, which can then reduce the towel's absorbency. 

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