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Buying bathroom textiles - accessories to make you feel good

Bathroom textiles such as towels, bath towels, flannels and bath mats are things that we use every day. To enjoy your bathroom textiles for a long time, quality is of outmost importance. However, the colours and design should also complement your bathroom. If you wish to give your bathroom a new look, bathroom textiles are the perfect choice. Certain colours can quickly bring peace and harmony to your bathroom, while vibrant colours can create deliberate highlights. Our terry cloth range is available in a variety of colour palettes – modern, classic, bold, or gentle. High-quality bathroom textiles add a cosy atmosphere to your bathroom with their appearance. Use them to create an oasis of comfort and relaxation with towels, bath mats, and other bathroom accessories. 

Treat yourself to the small luxury of coordinated bathroom textiles. They not only provide small moments of comfort but are also essential for a perfect start to your day. Buy bathroom textiles in a variety of sizes and colours from our kela online shop.  


Buy bathroom textiles as a set: Shower towel, hand towel, guest towel, wash glove

Bathroom textile sets in the kela online shop

Our range offers a huge selection to design the bathroom with bathroom textiles and bathroom accessories in a cohesive colour scheme. The wide variety of colours provides plenty of opportunities to mix and match. Bath mats, towels, guest towels, and washcloths can be combined into coordinated sets. Whether you prefer harmonious combinations or want to be bold and mix different trendy colours to bring a cheerful atmosphere to your bathroom, we have something for you. Our Pastel Love inspiration beautifully shows how the towels and guest towels from the Leonora series can be seamlessly paired. Who wouldn’t feel inspired to revamp their guest bathroom or main bathroom?

Our bathroom textile series include bath towels, hand towels, guest towels, and wash mitts. The Ladessa series offers a broad colour palette, while the premium Leonora series is distinguished by its woven border. Made from particularly high-quality cotton, these bathroom textiles are exceptionally soft, quick-drying, and highly absorbent. If you’re still searching for ideas or a style direction, you’ll find great inspiration in our colour worlds.

Often, in addition to bathroom textiles, you’ll find matching cosmetic bins, bathroom accessories, and storage baskets. This allows you to create completely personalised sets to suit your needs. Indulge in the small luxury of a soft bath mat. Perhaps you need more hand towels than bath towels? Or maybe you want to refresh your guest toilet with new guest towels?



Matching bathroom textiles for your bathroom

When buying bathroom textiles, several questions and considerations may arise: which bathroom textiles do I need? What material should the towels be made of? And what size is best? Each size serves a specific or practical purpose. Guest towels are primarily meant for the guest toilet but can also be quite handy for sports. Swimmers and sauna-goers might prefer soft, large bath towels or sauna towels. 

Guest towels in many colours

As the name suggests, these small towels are mostly used in the guest toilet. The guest towels can be nicely arranged in small baskets, ensuring there is always a supply for family members or guests. What do you think of the idea of simply trying out new colours in the guest toilet? Harmonious shades of green or pink or a harmonious colour combination to match your décor? Tip: the guest towels are often also great companions for sports.  


Bath mats and bath rugs

Do you know the feeling when your feet sinking into a soft bath mat? Time to pause for a moment and enjoy. It's also nice not to stand on cold tiles after a shower or bath. Apart from this feel-good factor, bath mats protect the floor from unsightly water stains and prevent wet feet from slipping. The bath mats themselves are non-slip thanks to the coated underside. Our bath mats are available in different sizes. In addition to cotton as a material for bath mats, we also offer the Livana series made of polyester. 


Bathroom textiles: bath mat, towels, shower towels in many colours

Material and size of bathroom textiles

Our bathroom textiles - bath towels, hand towels, guest towels and wash gloves - are made from high-quality cotton in Europe. The fluffy cotton is extremely absorbent and has a long shelf life if cared for properly. Our range includes towels made from pure cotton, as this natural fibre is robust, absorbent and hard-wearing and feels particularly pleasant on the skin. The towel series have a weight of 500 g/m². This grammage ensures softness and very good absorbency. We also offer the advantages of cotton in our bath mats. We therefore offer several ranges in this sustainable material. The Livana series made of polyester scores with the properties that it is 100% water-resistant, dries quickly and offers excellent light and shape retention. 

With a size of 70 x 140 cm, our shower towel is the largest towel and perfect for drying the body after a shower. Towels of this size are often also used on holiday - for the beach or the sun lounger. 

The classic towel measures 50 x 100 cm and is used to dry the face and hands. Towels in this size are real all-rounders, as they fit in every bag, are used every day next to the washbasin or are quickly converted into a turban after a shower.

At 30 x 50 cm, our guest towels are the smaller representatives among the towels and are used next to the washbasin in the guest WC. Several guest towels can be stowed away decoratively in baskets so that guests can use their own towel. Due to their size, these towels dry very quickly. 

Flannels measuring 15 x 21 cm are double-layered to form a pocket/glove. The ability to reach into the towel is often perceived as very pleasant when washing.


Tips for the care and use of bathroom textiles

In order to enjoy the soft and fluffy bathroom textiles for a long time, please follow these simple care tips: 

Bathroom textiles: material and care
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