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Pots made of different materials for your kitchen

The cooking pot is used in the kitchen almost every day at home. Whether it is used to boil pasta, cook potatoes or vegetables, or heat milk for a sweet porridge. To ensure that all dishes are a success, kela offers an extensive range of pots so that the right pot is used for every dish. Our pot collections include different sizes and designs, so that the kitchen in your home can be equipped with pots from one source, depending on your wishes and needs. The material which the pots are made of is a crucial factor in deciding which pots you will use in your kitchen. Stainless steel and cast aluminium are materials that are very commonly used for cookware. We would like to describe the properties and special features of these materials in more detail below. To start with, it can be said that stainless steel and cast aluminium are the most popular materials for pots at the home kitchen.

Pots Kerros cast aluminium and Cailin stainless steel kela

Cast aluminium pots

Cast aluminium pots, such as those in the Kerros or Stella Nova collection, have extremely high thermal conductivity and good heat retention. These properties enable energy and vitamin-saving preparation. Our cast aluminium pots are equipped with a non-stick coating that allows low-fat cooking and frying. This coating prevents food from burning as well. On the one hand, the non-stick coating ensures easy cleaning, but on the other hand, do not stir or cut with sharp objects in the pot.

Cast aluminium pots are suitable for beginners and professionals alike. These pots are lightweight and easy to handle. Cast aluminium pots are also real eye-catchers in your kitchen.

The right size pot for every need

You don’t need a huge number of pots for the kitchen in your home, but a certain number is advisable. Often, several pots are needed at the same time to prepare a complete meal on the cooker. In addition to household size, cooking habits also play a role. Smaller pots are recommended for a single household, while large pots are advisable for large families with several children, so that the appropriate quantities can be prepared in one pot. Large quantities are also often prepared for family meals or smaller celebrations. In these cases, it is good to have pots with a large capacity available. Cooking habits also play a role in choosing the right pots. Amateur and professional chefs appreciate a good selection of pots and pans, while your first cookware set tends to be a little more manageable.

The capacity of pots depends on the respective diameter and height of a pot. The perfect size is one that matches the diameter of the pots to the size of the hobs, so that the energy can be used optimally.

Typical diameters of pots are: 16 cm, 20 cm, 24 cm and 28 cm. Volumes range from about 1.5 litres to about 14 litres. Of course, there are also larger and smaller pots for special requirements. As a guide: a pot with a volume of around 10 litres is a large pot that can be used, for example, to prepare a large amount of pasta, vegetables or food for small family celebrations. A popular pot in this category is our Cailin stock pot with a volume of 9 litres and a diameter of 24 cm.

Small pots

Small cooking pots with volumes of around 1.5 to 4 litres are also important for every kitchen equipment. The small varieties among the pots usually have a diameter of 16 cm or 20 cm and differ in height. Typical types of these small pots are casseroles, but also small saucepots and covered saucepot, such as our Cailin saucepot. These are perfect for sauces, for heating milk, but also for boiling small amounts of rice or eggs. Our Stella Nova collection offers a small and particularly design-oriented casserole. A particularly practical feature here is that the casserole comes with a lid, so prepared sauces can be served in the casserole and stay nice and warm.

kela cookware sets

A pot set is particularly recommended for basic or initial cookware equipment. The sets are put together in such a way that the pots vary in size and can be used to prepare as many dishes as possible. Pot sets should include at least three or four pots of different sizes. Pots in sizes 16 cm, 20 cm and 24 cm and a casserole form a basic set. Matching lids for each make it perfect. When you purchase of a pot set, a good pre-selection of pots has already been made and a price advantage generally goes along with it.

Stainless steel casserole set

Cailin is a classic and durable stainless steel cookware set. The lids of this cookware are made of glass, so that the food is always in view. As is typical for 4-piece sets, two covered saucepots with 16 cm and 24 cm diameters are included, a 20 cm saucepot and a versatile casserole. The casserole is supplied without a lid.

Cooking pot set Cailin kela

Milk pot, pasta pot, casserole - which pots are required in the kitchen? 

Although a pot is and always will be a pot, there are special pots for the ideal preparation of different dishes. As a rule, it depends on the food that is prepared, but also on the respective quantity. The following overview serves as a small guide for the compilation of an individual pot assortment for your own home. 

Pasta pot and stock pot

These pots are usually relatively large and high. They have a diameter of 24 or 28 centimetres and a volume of at least 5 litres. The special feature of a pasta pot is that it has a special pasta strainer insert in which the pasta cooks, and at the same time this strainer insert serves to conveniently drain the pasta.

Milk pot

A milk pot tends to be one of the smaller pots. They are perfectly suitable to prepare blancmange, hot milk and chocolate. Milk pots have a small diameter, are slightly higher and include a practical inner scale. An ergonomically shaped handle makes pouring easier.


One of our top seasonal products is the Frutta juice pot set. You can make delicious and healthy juices from fresh fruit and vegetables with this steam juicer. The stainless-steel juicer heats up quickly, is easy to clean, neutral in taste and acid-resistant because of the material it is made of.

Which pot works on what stove? – Pots for induction

As a rule, pots and hob surfaces should fit together very well in order to conduct the energy into the pots and to the food in the best possible way. Furthermore, depending on the type of cooker, there are pots that are better suited to a particular cooker or are even absolutely necessary.

For an electric cooker or a cooker with a ceramic hob, a level pot base is particularly important in order to conduct the heat evenly into the pot. Stainless steel pots have a very flat bottom because of the material they are made of. On a gas cooker, a level bottom is not quite as important. However, with a gas cooker you should also make sure that the pots are not too small for the flame. The flame should not rise along the rim of the pot. 

An induction cooker only works with pots suitable for induction. If you switch to an induction cooker, you need pots with a ferromagnetic base. Any material is basically suitable, provided the cookware is equipped with a magnetic base. This applies to cast iron as well as stainless steel pots. All cooking pots from kela are suitable for induction. This is indicated on the packaging and on the base of the pot by the symbol representing induction, the helix symbol. 

Tips for care and use of the pots

Cleaning of pots

In order to enjoy your new cookware for a long time, it is important to take proper care of the pots.

  • Stainless steel pots can be cleaned in the dishwasher. For pots made of cast aluminium, we recommend cleaning by hand.
  • Stainless steel pots should never be cleaned with steel wool and scouring pads. This can cause scratches and damaged areas, which then show up as small rust spots.
  • Moreover, do not use aggressive abrasive cleaners.
  • Always clean coated pots by hand.


  • In case of burnt food and residue, soak the pots with hot water and dish soap.
  • Limescale stains and deposits can be removed with diluted citric and acetic acid and a soft dishcloth.
  • Rainbow-colored discoloration can also be removed in an instant with dilute acetic acid.

Beautifully served up with pots from kela

kela not only wants to set standards in quality and function, but also in design. You can serve food beautifully with our pots thanks to their classic and elegant designs. Our stainless steel or cast aluminium pots look great on any table.

We hope you enjoy choosing the right pots for your home.

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