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Beautifully set table

Placemats and accessories for an inviting ambience.

Table setting - Nordic flair with the Maila series


Setting the breakfast table

During the week, breakfast often gets cut short. So, on weekends, you should set a lovely breakfast table and take your time to enjoy it. Coffee, rolls, sweet and savoury spreads, and one or two eggs. With table mats, large coffee cups, a cheese dome, butter dish, egg cups, bread basket, and various serving boards, you can set a beautiful breakfast table where family and friends will love to linger. 


Setting the table for Christmas

For Christmas, the table can be set warmly and cosily or festively for the holidays. Felt placemats in muted tones or elegant faux leather placemats in black create the desired atmosphere. During the Christmas period, people like to invite people over for coffee and cake, and raclette and fondue celebrate their peak season of the year. Setting the table for Christmas also includes matching decorative items and candles. 


Table setting for New Year's Eve

For New Year’s Eve, add some sparkle and elegance to the table to ring in the new year in style. Typical meals on New Year's Eve are fondue and raclette. Cooking and savouring together at the table fills the time with interesting and enjoyable conversations. Take a look around our shop for the following items to set the table for New Year's Eve: raclette, fondue, placemats made of faux leather in dark colours, small bowls and bowl sets made of black ceramic, bread baskets and elegant carafes.


Festive table setting for communions and celebrations

A table setting for communions, christenings or anniversaries should look festive. The placemats from the Kalea or Kimya series can be used wonderfully for table decoration and can also be placed over a white tablecloth. Either for each guest or specifically under cake plates or flower arrangements. 




Proper table setting - rules for a beautifully laid table

When a large celebration is coming up, the question inevitably arises: how do I set the table properly? Whether in your own home or in a rented location, setting the table in a harmonious way is one of the really nice things to do. However, there are a few rules to follow when setting the table. The choice of table linen, decorations and flower arrangements are more flexible and should not be missing from an inviting table.

The rules for a properly set table mainly concern the arrangement of dishes, cutlery, various glasses, and napkins. It’s also crucial to determine what type of table setting is required. Is it a coffee table? A multi-course meal? Or a brunch? Different cutlery and crockery are therefore used for a coffee table than for a meal with starter and dessert. Fortunately, there are precise rules for all table settings that describe the arrangement very well. 

Tip: With all the things on the table, make sure that nothing looks too over the top or is too big. After all, you want to be able to converse freely with the person opposite you and not be constantly looking past a beautiful but far too lavish bouquet of flowers. It is important to decide on the desired style well in advance and to check your own stock of tableware and table linen. This will help you create beautiful tables where guests will feel really at home. 


Table setting - glasses & cups

Even the glasses have a designated place reserved for them when setting the table. The glasses are placed above the knives, with the water glass to the right, the white wine glass to the left and then the red wine glass. At the coffee table, the cup is placed on the matching saucer above the dessert knife. A water glass is not normally set for coffee and cake. For breakfast or brunch, the water glass is usually the main glass and is placed above the knife.


Decorating the set table

Tablecloths are the perfect choice for setting the table. Placemats or placemats are a quick and easy way to create highlights. Placemats can also be arranged on the tablecloth. Candles and flower arrangements are the perfect decoration for creating a beautiful atmosphere on the laid table and transform the table into a festive table. Whether fresh cut flowers, grasses and twigs or early bloomers in small pots, for example - flowers bring freshness and naturalness to the table setting. 



Ideas for setting the table

In addition to the rules for the correct setting of crockery, cutlery and glasses, the table should always look inviting. Decorations, candles and flowers make it easy to create an atmosphere. The table can be set seasonally, for a specific occasion or simply according to your own personal style. Be creative, get ideas for setting the table or think about the mood you want the table to exude. One thing is certain, guests love to sit at a lovingly laid table. Make eating together a pleasure. 


Festively laid table

For a christening, communion, an anniversary or a milestone birthday, a festively laid table is an invitation to enjoy. Tablecloths are a must for a festive setting. Depending on the desired atmosphere, crockery and decorations can be placed on them. White always looks festive, but depending on the occasion, dark red or gold are also very festive colours. For a christening or communion, light, natural tones or pastel colours are often combined.


Ria placemat - Outdoor table setting


Find inspiration in our tableware categories 

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Frequently asked questions about setting the table


How should a table be set?

Event today, table etiquette is current and provides specific rules for setting the table. In principle, the plates form the centre and are arranged by course. Knives and soup spoons are placed to the right of the plates and forks to the left. The dessert cutlery is arranged above the plates. The glasses are aligned above the knife and arranged from the centre glass. The perfect mood for the table setting can be created with table linen, placemats, flower arrangements, candles and matching decorations.

Where do the glasses go when setting the table?

Table etiquette also provides rules for arranging glasses, though there is some flexibility. As a guideline, glasses should be placed above the knives. A rough rule for glasses is that they should be arranged according to size: the smallest glass on the far right and increasing in size towards the left. The triangular shape is often seen when setting white and red wine glasses, with the white wine glass above the knives, the water glass below to the right and the red wine glass above to the right.  

What does a table setting look like?

A perfectly laid table looks inviting and appropriate for the occasion. Depending on the occasion, age and style of the host, the table setting may look completely different. It is important that the rules for setting dishes, cutlery and glasses are observed. The rules are still absolutely relevant today. It is also important that the table settings create a beautiful atmosphere in the room. Table linen, placemats, decorations and flowers come into play here. For anniversaries, for example, the tables can be set in classic white, while natural colours in combination with modern flowers such as eucalyptus are often used for christenings and communions. At weddings, the natural style (Boho style) can often be seen at the moment, as well as romantically laid tables with red and pink tones and dreamy flower arrangements with roses.   


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