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Bathroom soap dispenser

Soap dispenser in black, white, turquoise, pink, anthracite or beige made of ceramic, stainless steel, plastic or porcelain.

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Soap dispenser Dots kela

Your soap dispenser for the shower or bathtub in numerous colours

A soap dispenser is of course first and foremost a practical accessory for the bathroom. Since the liquid soap is dispensed directly into the palm of the hand, the soap storage area remains clean. In addition, the dispenser is definitely a decorative accessory. We offer the practical soap dispensers in a wide range of colours. Transparent or achromatic colours are not the right choice for all households. People often look for strong colours to set highlights in the bathroom or they look for soap dispensers in pastel colours to be able to stay true to their interior design style at home.

Soap dispensers in white

With white soap dispensers in the bathroom, you are always guaranteed to be right. White can be wonderfully combined, is never distracting and is timeless. White bathroom accessories go well with many different interior styles. The light, Nordic style is just one for which white soap dispensers would be just the right choice. In addition to white, there are also softer cream tones. These very often look wonderfully harmonious in combination with strong colours. Just give them a try.

Soap dispensers in pink

The colour pink has also been trendy for years and will probably always be one of the popular colours in the home. While pink has often been a pastel shade in recent years, the colour is currently often seen in strong tones. With a higher proportion of blue, the colour often appears sweet, while a high proportion of red creates great so-called berry colours. Soap dispensers and other bathroom accessories in pink fit perfectly into a lightly tiled bathroom. The lightness and freshness of the pink tones come into their own. Accessories and furnishings made of natural wood are perfect for this. 

Soap dispensers in beige

Beige is to be equated with natural. It is therefore understood to mean soft, warm and pale-white brown tones. Beige occurs naturally in soap dispensers made of light marble. We also include this great colour in many soap dispensers made of plastic, as it can be wonderfully combined. This means that bright colours are often used with bathroom accessories in beige, such as towels, bath mats or storage baskets, to create a coherent image in the bathroom.

Soap dispensers made of different materials for your bathroom

kela offers a wide selection of soap dispensers to match the bathroom furnishings in your home and your personal requirements for the material. It is particularly important to us that the soap dispensers and other bathroom accessories cater to a wide range of styles: simple, natural, elegant & classy, Nordic, modern or cheerful and colourful. Haptics also plays a role. Soap dispensers made of marble, for example, have a totally different touch and feel to a dispenser made of stainless steel. When choosing bathroom accessories for your own home, you can consider the design and the material. In addition, bring in your own taste and look around in our shop for the perfect bathroom series that suits you.

Soap dispensers made of different materials - ceramic, plastic, marble

Stainless steel soap dispensers

Is your interior style rather modern and cool? Then stainless steel soap dispensers fit perfectly in the bathroom or guest toilet. The durability of stainless steel soap dispensers is particularly noteworthy. In terms of weight, soap dispensers made of this material weigh slightly more than comparable models made of plastic. Although the material appears pure and cool, the design can take on quite soft forms, as is the case with the bathroom series Elegance.

Porcelain soap dispenser

With porcelain soap dispensers, very natural bathroom accessories move into the home. Porcelain is more or less a subspecies of ceramics and consists mainly of kaolin (porcelain clay). In our assortment, there are soap dispensers, mugs and co. made of porcelain in very different colours and different surface structures. The structures can be straight and even or very natural and irregular - quasi "as if made by hand". One of our top products is the Piano series.

Marble soap dispensers

Bathroom accessories made of marble simply fit perfectly into the bathroom. So, if you want to add a touch of luxury to your bathroom, you can choose from a wide range of different soap dispensers. Soap dispensers and bathroom accessories made of marble offer a great feel and exude naturalness. The appearance is very variable. There are series made of white, beige, grey or black marble. The surfaces can also be smooth and polished, while other soap dispensers are rough and natural. The Liron series, which skillfully combines black marble with gold-coloured accents, is one of our top products.

Wall-mounted soap dispensers

Free-standing soap dispensers are quickly placed in the right position on the washbasin. Wall-mounted soap dispensers are particularly popular in hotels and restaurants. The soap dispenser itself can be fixed to the wall in a variety of ways. In our range, there are basically the following three different options for wall mounting: Glue Fix, Pad Fix and Screw Fix. The individual product descriptions clearly show which mounting method can be used to fix the respective wall-mounted soap dispenser.

Soap dispenser with wall mounting: Soap dispenser Brass by kela

Practical: replacement pumps for soap dispensers

With soap dispensers, it is possible that the soap dispenser pump wears out over the years. Certain active ingredients in the liquid soaps can be responsible for this, a defect can also occur due to frequent use. And sometimes, after years, the pumps simply no longer meet your own hygiene requirements. For these cases, there are replacement pumps for all our soap dispensers. The soap dispensers for which the individual replacement pumps fit are listed with the respective article. There are even replacements for soap dispensers with special pump heads, such as a pump head in gold or black. 

Kitchen soap dispensers

The soap dispenser is typically found in the bathroom and the guest toilet. But the soap dispenser also serves its purpose in the kitchen. Especially with odour-intensive food or due to hygiene, as is the case when processing raw fish, meat or eggs, you very often wash your hands in between cooking. A practical solution is a soap dispenser with a mild liquid soap that looks good in the kitchen. And how about using the soap dispenser for washing up liquid? This not only looks particularly nice, but is also practical for dispensing. 

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