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Discover high-quality & stylish toothbrush tumblers in the right design to suit every interior style.

Toothbrush mug - an indispensable bathroom accessory

Dental care is important - so brushing your teeth should be a daily ritual that you enjoy. should be an enjoyable daily ritual. A beautiful toothbrush holder enhances satisfaction and invites you to take care of your teeth. Your toothbrush, a vital bathroom accessory, deserves a nice spot. What qualities do you look for in a toothbrush holder? Colour, material, shape, or design? At Kela, you can choose from a wide range of toothbrush holders.

A toothbrush tumbler not only keeps your toothbrushes and toothpaste tubes organized, it can also be creatively repurposed. Toothbrush tubs provide a suitable place for various odds and ends, such as razors, small cream containers or make-up utensils.

For a particularly attractive overall look in the bathroom, other bathroom accessories can be selected to match the toothbrush tumbler. A series usually includes the tumbler, a soap dispenser, the toilet set and the soap dish. These bathroom accessories create a uniform style that can be perfected with colour-coordinated bathroom textiles and other accessories. Good to know: all our toothbrush tumblers are food-safe.



Bathroom accessories in the bathroom - soap dispenser, toothbrush mug & Co.


Acrylic toothbrush tumbler

Acrylic toothbrush tumblers have a great look. Bathroom accessories made of acrylic glass are often transparent or slightly translucent. Acrylic is lighter than glass and is significantly more break-resistant. The toothbrush tumbler and other accessories from the Sinfonie series bring elegance and lightness to the bathroom. 


Stainless steel toothbrush tumbler

Perhaps less common but equally beautiful, are toothbrush holders and accessories made from high-quality stainless steel. These holders offer an elegant, modern look, have a long lifespan, and are easy to maintain.


Porcelain toothbrush tumbler

If you are looking for natural bathroom accessories, then porcelain toothbrush tumblers can be a very good choice. Although toothbrush mugs made from this material can differ considerably in design and colour, as the material leaves plenty of scope for design, they all exude naturalness. Info: Porcelain is a subtype of ceramic.  



Your toothbrush mug in different colours

Colours are an easy way to quickly refresh the look of your bathroom. If your current bathroom accessories are outdated or if you're simply in the mood for a change, perhaps you already have a specific colour in mind that would perfectly complement your home's bathroom. We aim to inspire you with a wide colour palette. Dark colours can create striking accents, while white toothbrush holders blend in harmoniously and effortlessly. Pastel and vibrant tones naturally bring a sense of fun and joy.


Toothbrush tumbler in various materials and colours


Toothbrush tumbler in grey

In the kela range you will find toothbrush mugs in a wide variety of shades of grey. Similar to black and white, grey is easy to combine and harmonises perfectly with many other colours. If you want light and airy bathroom accessories, a toothbrush mug in a light glacier grey, such as the mug from the Landora series, can be ideal. Dark grey tones, on the other hand, are more prominent. 


Toothbrush tumbler with gold

The colour gold looks very elegant and luxurious on its own. Gold accessories are on trend in the home sector. The Liron series combines black marble with gold elements. The result is high-quality and elegant bathroom accessories that give every bathroom the desired touch of luxury. 


Toothbrush tumbler in silver

When we talk about silver in connection with toothbrush tumblers, we are usually referring to bathroom accessories made of stainless steel or chrome-plated brass. Silver has a very clean and hygienic look. Silver toothbrush tumblers are perceived as high-quality and elegant and silver bathroom accessories are great combination partners overall. Toothbrush tumblers in silver are available in matt or shiny finishes. 


Toothbrush mug in red

Red - unusual, strong and really beautiful. Let red toothbrush mugs and other red bathroom accessories energise you as you brush your teeth in the morning. Red looks very different in combination with light-coloured tiles than with black, but always exciting and special. Our range includes toothbrush tumblers in a vibrant raspberry red/ Ava series, oriental red or a soft rosewood colour. 



Toothbrush holder

The terms toothbrush tumbler and toothbrush holder are generally used interchangeably. However, there are some models in our range that are labelled separately as toothbrush holders due to their special design. These models either have butterfly-shaped recesses at the top edge or are equipped with a partition in the cup, as in the Cube toothbrush holder. The partition can be used to keep the toothbrush separate from the toothpaste or to keep the toothbrushes organised. 



Makira toothbrush holder for wall mounting



Toothbrush tumbler set

If there are two washbasins in the bathroom, identical toothbrush mugs create a uniform look around the washbasin. For this reason, we have put together toothbrush tumbler sets from some ranges with a price advantage. These usually include two mugs and other complementary bathroom accessories. The bathroom sets category shows which series are available as a set.

A set is also created by combining the individual bathroom accessories from a series. Personal habits are decisive for the composition of the set. For example, a soap dish may be a must for some, while others may prefer liquid soap in a soap dispenser. Feel free to browse through our bathroom accessories and put together a set in the right design for your feel-good bathroom at home.


Cube and Kaiu series - toothbrush tumbler set



Frequently asked questions about toothbrush mugs


What is a toothbrush cup?

Toothbrush mugs or toothbrush holders are containers for storing toothbrushes and/or for rinsing out toothpaste when brushing your teeth. Toothbrush mugs can be found in almost every bathroom. The choice of designs, shapes and materials is correspondingly large. With a toothbrush tumbler and other bathroom accessories, you can create a new look in the bathroom in no time at all. Toothbrush tumblers combine functionality and appearance in the most beautiful way. For example, there are toothbrush tumblers in a stone or wood look made of easy-care plastic, as the natural materials themselves are not necessarily suitable for toothbrush tumblers. 

How often should you clean your toothbrush mug?

If toothbrush mugs are used to store toothbrushes after cleaning teeth, residual water and deposits will collect on the base. Careful rinsing is therefore recommended before use. Furthermore, the toothbrush should be dried as thoroughly as possible after cleaning the teeth. Deposits on which germs and bacteria could colonise can be removed very well with a diluted vinegar solution or a warm saline solution. It is not possible to make an exact statement about the frequency of cleaning, but regular and thorough cleaning is a must for your own safety.   

How do you get a toothbrush mug clean?

Everyone is familiar with the unsightly, whitish film that builds up on the bottom of toothbrush cups. If the toothbrush is placed in the cup after cleaning the teeth, residual water runs off and this film forms. It is therefore important to avoid this build-up as far as possible from the outset. Simply rinse the toothbrush cup with water before and after use and dry the toothbrush as thoroughly as possible after use. To prevent germs and bacteria from breeding, the toothbrush tumbler should be cleaned regularly. A diluted vinegar solution or a warm saline solution is recommended for efficient cleaning. 

How much does a toothbrush mug cost?

Our range includes toothbrush mugs made of various materials, which also affect the price. Marta is one of our cheapest toothbrush mugs and costs €3.75. Many other attractively priced models cost between €4 and €10. Marble toothbrush tumbler holders and wall-mounted toothbrush tumbler holders are among the most expensive in our range and cost around €25. You will find a very large selection of ceramic, porcelain or plastic toothbrush mugs in the medium price category, which includes toothbrush mugs between € 10 and € 20 in our kela shop.  

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