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When you need hot water for tea in a hurry, the kettle is a reliable solution.

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Vitus kettle in black from kela


Kettles for the gas stove

Fast heating of water in the kettle also works perfectly on a gas stove. The gas flame can act directly on the flute kettle, so the power of the gas stove is immediately converted into heat energy. It can be said that kettles are excellent for gas and induction, and in terms of efficiency surpass the kettle. However, the prerequisite is that, as a rule, rather larger quantities of water are heated, and not just the daily amount of water for a cup of tea.




One tea kettle - many colour variations

For many, the kettle is the usual way to heat water. If small amounts are heated or if your kitchen is equipped with an electric stove, the kettle is certainly practical. But in terms of aesthetics and reflection on conventional kitchen utensils, a kettle cannot be beaten. Often the tea kettle or flute kettle has its permanent place on the stove. In this case, it is great if the tea kettle perfectly fits into the overall look of the kitchen interior. That is exactly why our Varus and Vitus kettles are available in many different colours. In which colour would the Varus tea kettle fit into your kitchen?


Kettles in red

Do you like the colour red? Certainly, the last few years everything was kept very bright and coherent in the interior area, but now more strong colours are coming into play again. With the strong colour red you can set a highlight in your kitchen in no time. How about a kettle in exactly this colour? A kettle in red ensures a good mood in the kitchen first thing in the morning and consequently a successful start to the day. Have a good day!


Kettles in silver

Silver is of course with our water kettles Varus & Vitus with the game. Since there are many kitchen appliances that are in the colour silver, in addition to the sink and the extractor hood, the kettle fits in quite unproblematically and is guaranteed to attract one or two glances with its appearance. Silver can certainly be counted among the timeless colours and looks modern or elegant, depending on the kitchen decor. And while we're on the subject of silver and boiling water, our range includes beautiful stainless-steel teapots.



Stainless steel water kettles

Are you one of those aesthetes who leave the kettle visible in the kitchen as a decorative object? The kettles will certainly not disappoint in terms of design. Our water kettles are made of high-quality stainless steel. In addition, the kettles have a reinforced body and a large all-stove base. Thanks to the good contact of the bottom surface with the stovetop, the water is brought to a boil quickly and in an energy-saving manner. Our large kettle Varus offers a filling volume of 3 liters, Vitus prepares slightly less water with a volume of 2.5 liters. 



This is how simply a flute kettle works

Is heating the tea water in a flute kettle part of the tea preparation for you? It is certainly a really nice and relaxing ritual to take time every day to brew your favourite tea in peace. The water can be conveniently poured into the kettle through the large opening. Using a heat source - different types of stoves - the water is heated. When the water boils inside the kettle, a whistling sound is heard, a friendly reminder that now the water is ready for further use. The handle of the flute kettle has an integrated button for safe opening of the spout lid. Thus, there is no danger of coming into contact with the hot steam. Definitely, the flute kettle, whistling kettle or water kettle with flute, as the water kettle is also still called, is a traditional cookware, but made of modern materials and the most beautiful design. 



Varus silver kettle from kela


Frequently asked questions about kettles


Which is better: kettle or electric kettle?

Certainly, there is no clear-cut statement, as various factors play a role. For true tea lovers, the kettle is often a must, since boiling the water is already part of preparing tea. If larger amounts of water are often heated, then a kettle can be more energy efficient than a kettle. If you have a gas or induction stove, you are well advised to use a kettle, because the energy is directly converted into heat. If you only need water for a cup of tea now and then and the kitchenette offers space, then a kettle can be the right choice

When does the kettle whistle?

Once the water in the kettle reaches boiling point, intense steam is generated, flowing through the spout. Now, the characteristic whistle of the whistling kettle sounds, signaling that the water is boiling. For nostalgics, the whistle is likely to evoke beautiful memories, while for many tea enthusiasts, the whistle is an integral part of the tea ceremony.  

How to clean the kettle?

The kettle is also a household appliance that requires proper care, so that the pleasure from it will last for a long time. It is important to remove the lime deposits in the kettle from time to time according to instructions. Under no circumstances should the kettle be put in the dishwasher for cleaning. Please make absolutely sure to NEVER heat the kettle empty, i.e. without water.

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