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Your soap dish in various materials

Soap dishes are typically placed freely on the sink. Mounting soap dishes on the wall near the sink or even in the shower presents another option. Since soap dishes come into contact with moisture repeatedly and moisture tends to accumulate in them, the materials should be resistant to moisture. In the kela range, there are soap dishes made of ceramic, porcelain, stainless steel, brass, plastic, acrylic glass, and soap trays in a natural stone look. All of these materials cope well with moisture. 

Ultimately, you decide which material appeals to you and fits perfectly into your bathroom. For elegant interior styles, marble soap dishes can be a great choice, while bright ceramic trays exude naturalness. If children are living in the household, plastic soap dishes may be advantageous. With the material properties listed below, we aim to assist you in choosing the right soap dish.

Soap dishes made from different materials


Soap dish with wood / bamboo

Soap dishes with bamboo elements exude a natural feel. The combination of light ceramic and bamboo in the Natura series exudes Scandinavian lightness. These bathroom accessories blend seamlessly in bathrooms with wooden elements, such as open beams or bamboo/wood shelves. Bamboo is durable and resistant to moisture. 


Soap dish made of marble / natural stone

Marble is a natural material with a particularly elegant appearance. Marble soap dishes add a touch of luxury to the bathroom. As marble occurs in various colours in nature, we offer this variety in our range. What suits your bathroom: white, beige, or black marble? Tip: The Varda soap dish also doubles as a tray in the bathroom, providing an appropriate place for small jewellery until the next use.


Soap dish made of acrylic glass

Soap dishes made of acrylic glass have a unique appearance. Often transparent or slightly translucent, they resemble glass bathroom accessories - elegant and high-quality. Acrylic glass is more resistant to breakage than glass and is also lighter overall. The Lamina series beautifully demonstrates how acrylic glass can be processed with a structure. 


Soap dish made of brass

Chrome-plated brass soap dishes are among the premium models. Brass is excellent in terms of durability and corrosion resistance. You will enjoy your brass soap dish for a long time. Moreover, these models are particularly easy to maintain, and soap residues can be easily removed. The Makira series offers a stylish soap dish made of a combination of brass and ceramic. 



Special features of a soap dish

Primarily, a soap dish is used to place a bar of soap after use. In fact, various other aspects can be considered in the purchase decision, so that the soap dish fits perfectly with personal needs. The space around the sink determines the approximate size so that the tray has a good and secure stand. Or would a wall-mounted soap dish be more suitable for reasons of space? To allow the soap to dry well, it should be slightly raised. And finally, the appearance comes into play. Which design suits the bathroom's interior style?


Soap dish with drainage / drip tray

To enjoy your favourite soap for a long time, it must be able to dry well. A bar of soap should be protected from residual water, as it will otherwise dissolve, leaving some soap residue on the underside of the soap. In addition to a spout-like drain, drip trays and raised grooves are the ideal solution for storing soap dry. These can be transverse, longitudinal, or circular grooves or raised structures. Good to know: a nice side effect of bar soaps is that only as much soap is used as needed. 


Washbasin soap dish

Soap dishes are traditionally placed on the flat surface of the washbasin. This placement is still the most common and is also reflected in the very large selection of free-standing soap dishes. If soap residue needs to be removed from the soap dish, it can be picked up quickly and easily for cleaning. To ensure that the soap dish stands securely and to protect the surfaces of washbasins, many soap dishes have small rubber plugs attached to the underside of the dish.



Your soap dish in different colours

Ava soap dish in alpine green, stone grey and raspberry red


Soap Dish in White

With bathroom accessories and a stylish soap dish in white, you can never go wrong. The flexibility of white bathroom accessories is particularly great. They can be effortlessly combined time and again to provide variety. A beautiful combination is white soap dishes and accessories with green plants. How about creating a small urban jungle with some green plants? Many plants thrive in the high humidity of bathrooms.

Soap Dish in Brown

Trendy shades like mocha, taupe, or the look of natural wood come into play with brown tones. With soap dishes and other bathroom accessories in brown, a natural atmosphere can be created. Pair them with bath textiles in soft cream or powdery rose tones, and the bathroom will become an inviting oasis of well-being. 

Soap Dish in Red

Do you like the colour red? While this colour might not be typical for bathrooms, it's worth trying out. Strategically placed, bathroom accessories and soap dishes in red can bring joy to your mornings. In our bathroom range, you'll find various shades of red for soap dishes: vibrant raspberry red like the Ava soap dish, warm oriental red, or a gentle rosewood tone. 


Soap Dish in Green

Bathrooms with green tiles were popular in the 1970s. In recent years, green has once again become a trend colour and is perfect for bathrooms with a natural interior style. With soap dishes, cups, toilet brush sets, and bath textiles, various shades of green can easily be incorporated to bring freshness. Explore which shade of green appeals to you and fits perfectly into your bathroom.



Vintage soap dishes

Vintage and retro are trends in many areas - interior design, clothing, jewelry. In general, vintage refers to actual old items or originals. When we talk about vintage style or retro look, we usually mean imitations or the reinterpretation of styles from certain eras. In the case of soap dishes, this touch from the past can be achieved through the design and especially through colours. Soap dishes like Lindano in rosewood, vanilla, and mint green, or the Lenora soap dish, and the Dots series can bring a bit of retro charm. Soap dishes from the 1950s typically feature white ceramic in a metal frame for wall mounting. The Makira soap dish captures these influences.


Liron and Marble soap dishes in marble

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