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kela thinks along with you. And thinks about the future. Get an idea of our commitment to sustainability.

Sustainability in the brand image

„Feel at home only works anyway if "home" is built on a healthy ecological and sustainable foundation.“

The kela brand

For us, the focus is on aesthetic, innovative products that transport "feel at home" through all the senses, over and above their functional benefits. But the new kela inspiration of the claim "feel at home" is not only above the product world, but also above the entire brand image in its appearance, in communication, in services, in cooperation with dealers, customers, suppliers and among colleagues.“


„Today, no one believes in frivolous 'all eco' statements anymore. We prefer to authentically show where we really stand and work hard to evolve.“

Feel at home

However, all considerations of the core statement "Feel at home" have always only been able to work if the procurement, production, marketing and disposal of the products that are created to make you feel good are placed on a foundation of awareness on the subject of sustainability.

Weiterentwicklung bei kela



The kela sustainability code

serves as a guide. It can be found wherever we show our commitment to sustainability with verifiable results. Honest, transparent and always on the way to doing even better - for our common future.



Sustainability in our products

„Sustainability can be developed and demonstrated most efficiently in the product. And consumers rightly trust verifiable labels and certifications.“


Private consumption decisions cannot save the world, but thinking about everyday habits and developing alternatives are certainly a contribution to sustainability.

We analyse people, their lifestyles and consumption patterns and support them with our commitment to greener buying behaviour.

Vitana - neue Pfannenserie

Fields of action

Nachhaltiges Packaging

We work on waste avoidance in packaging by...


We trust in certified labels

Nachhaltiges Packaging



Product development and design

We think and develop our product portfolio in terms of climate neutrality, resource efficiency and raw material recyclability, and increasingly embed sustainability criteria in the product development process: developing sophisticated, high-quality products for maximum durability. The longer the product life, the more sustainable. Preferential use of recycled materials where possible. Tracking sustainability factors using standardised labels. We are working to replace existing product groups with those that belong to a closed material cycle (cradle-to-cradle principle). We are increasingly designing products to be repair-friendly and stocking spare parts for this purpose in the long term!

Nachhaltigkeit im Bereich Herstellung und Lieferketten bei kela


We work on waste avoidance in packaging by:
Gradual conversion of existing packaging to FSC standard. Packaging made of FSC-certified material for new products. Avoiding packaging in general, especially plastic, wherever possible. Article protection made of paper for new products (or use of recycled plastics if not avoidable).



FSC® is the most reliable organisation for safeguarding important environmental and social standards in forests. With globally valid standards, the unprecedented involvement of all relevant stakeholders and the support of renowned companies as well as recognised independent environmental and social organisations, FSC is considered the most credible solution for sustainable forest management. The certificate is awarded after a successful audit by independent third parties, which is repeated at least annually. Worldwide, more than 210 million hectares of forest are FSC-certified. Learn more here: https://fsc.org/en



Following a "modular principle", all individual components and ingredients are tested here before the final product is allowed to carry the STANDARD 100 label. This includes yarns as well as buttons, zips and interlinings. Whether it is baby textiles, clothing, home textiles or decorative fabrics: goods that have been awarded the STANDARD 100 label signal confidence. Learn more here: https://www.oeko-tex.com/en/



The MAXIMIZING GREEN standard fulfils key requirements for environmental and health protection. You are always on the right side when buying an ILAG coated product in the MAXIMIZING GREEN Standard. Manufactured without harmful substances, resource-efficient production and a safe working environment are guaranteed. Learn more here: https://www.ilag.ch/en/go-future-maximizing-green-orig.html?locale=en

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