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Roasting recipes & kitchen equipment: pots, pans, woks, roasters, casserole dishes and accessories!

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Enjoy roasting, kela roast recipes

The classic Sunday roast may have had a different significance in the past, but today, both traditional and modern roast recipes are increasingly popular. Families and amateur chefs who are mindful of meat consumption still enjoy preparing a tender roast occasionally, often with a modern twist and using local and seasonal ingredients. A roast doesn’t have to be heavy or greasy. Plenty of fresh vegetables, steamed to preserve vitamins, lighten up the dish. However, the roasting time has not changed from the past; a roast is slow-cooked and needs time.

There are many more possibilities for daily cooking. Pasta dishes are among the quickest and most popular meals. They are wonderfully varied and loved by both young and old. Rice dishes and potatoes in many variations also provide a diverse cuisine. For dinner, a juicy steak with a colourful salad is often the first choice. Our cast iron and iron pans Angus, Rhino, and Fergus are perfect for a crispy, juicy steak. 

For those who want to try delicious roasting recipes, we’ve gathered a few ideas for classic roasts below. 


Roast beef

A delicious braised beef is actually simple to cook. The seasoned meat is first seared on all sides to seal in the juices. Meanwhile, various vegetables like onions, carrots, and celery are sautéed in the roaster. The roasting juices are typically deglazed with vegetable broth and red wine, and the roast is slow-cooked in the oven at a low temperature. Our Calido roasters, with a nostalgic touch in a red tone with a light enamel coating, are a beautiful option. 

Cooking and roasting - Roast recipes kela

Cookware material guide

Our brief material guide is intended to help you choose the perfect pan for your individual needs.

The choice of cookware is considerable, but different pans and pots are needed for different dishes in order to achieve an all-round satisfactory cooking result. Preparing steaks requires a different pan than preparing tender fish or sweet crêpes. 


Copper - fast, even searing and flambéing

High thermal conductivity. Very even heat distribution. Reacts quickly to temperature changes. Energy-efficient. 


Aluminium - gentle and low-fat frying

Good heat absorption and optimum heat distribution. Very energy-efficient. Allows for healthy and low-fat cooking.


Stella Nova high-quality non-stick coating Greblon


Below are our quick links to the desired cookware

Pots – sauce pans, stock pot, milk pot, vegetable pot, pasta pot, casserole pot or steamer

Pans – frying pan, grill pan, griddle, braising pan, fish pan, crêpe pan

Woks – various designs and sizes to choose from

Roasters – oval, round, rectangular, in various colours, sizes and materials

Casserole dishes – in various sizes and colours for serving delicious oven dishes

Kettles – made of stainless steel, suitable for induction

Lids – accessories for pots and pans in various sizes and designs

Cooking aids – selection of different skewers, roulade rings, pan protectors, splash guards, meat thermometers


Do you need a wok or roasting pan for the perfect kitchen setup?

It depends on your home cooking habits. A roaster is ideal and very useful for preparing roast dishes and meals where large pieces of meat are slow-cooked at low temperatures. Roasters come in round, oval, and rectangular shapes, providing enough space for braised dishes. Cast aluminium and cast iron roasters retain heat well, keeping food warm after cooking. They’re also visually appealing, making them perfect for serving at the table. 

A wok is versatile for many cooking methods. It’s not just for frying but also steaming, blanching, poaching, and more. Those who enjoy healthy cooking will find a wok very satisfying. While most dishes can be prepared in regular pans, a wok’s unique shape allows for crisper vegetables and tender meat and fish as ingredients can be placed on the wok’s sides during cooking.   


Choosing the right cookware for your kitchen?

Determining the right cookware, such as pots, pans, roasters, and casserole dishes, depends on individual preferences. Minimalists and beginners can start with fewer pieces than avid cooks and those who enjoy creating tasty, healthy meals at home. Household size also matters. A basic setup often includes two to three pots and two pans of different sizes. Adding casserole dishes enables the preparation of many dishes. As cooking becomes more routine or a hobby, more specialized cookware like roasters, serving pans, or grill pans may be desired.  


Care and use of pots & pans

Notes on safe use

  • Remove any stickers from new pans, pots and cookware before use. 
  • Please do not use metal kitchen utensils and do not cut into the cookware with knives. This can cause scratches and cuts. This does not affect the function of stainless steel cookware. On the other hand, cutting marks in cookware with a coating can affect the non-stick effect.
  • The products should never be heated too much or for long periods without contents.
  • Handles should never be placed over hobs. These become very hot. 
  • Before using the cookware for the first time, we recommend washing it thoroughly with a little water and a mild washing-up liquid.
  • Iron pans require the wax layer to be removed before first use. These pans must also develop a patina (protective layer) before use. Precise instructions are enclosed with the iron pans. Our pre-fired iron pans Fergus and Rhino are an exception. 

Cleaning pots and pans

Cookware with non-stick coating (enamel or non-stick coating)

  • Please note that pans made of aluminium/cast aluminium and with a high-quality coating are not suitable for dishwashers. It is better to wash them thoroughly by hand without using aggressive scouring milk, harsh detergents or steel wool.
  • After drying, apply a few drops of cooking oil to the coating with a paper kitchen towel. 

Cookware without non-stick coating (e.g. stainless steel pans and pots)

  • Stainless steel cookware can be put in the dishwasher for easy cleaning.
  • Stainless steel pots and pans must not be cleaned with steel wool or scouring pads. This can cause scratches and damaged areas, which then appear as small rust spots. Aggressive scouring agents should also not be used.
  • Please do not put iron pans in the dishwasher.

General tips

  • Let cookware cool before cleaning. Do not immerse hot cookware in cold water.
  • Ensure cookware is suitable for your hob type and temperature limits. 
  • Dry thoroughly after cleaning. 
  • For burnt food and residues, soak pots in hot water and detergent. Remove limescale with diluted lemon or vinegar acid and a soft cloth.
  • The rainbow-coloured discolouration can also be removed in an instant with diluted acetic acid.

Our high-quality cookware comes with detailed product descriptions. Please read these before use. If you follow the instructions for use and care, you will enjoy using kela cookware for a very long time. We hope you enjoy cooking and roasting with kela! 

Cooking and frying cookware Flavoria by kela


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