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Table mirror / wall mirror with & without lighting in many sizes, materials, colours.

Makeup mirror or cosmetic mirror in the bathroom

Do you know this feeling? You look in the mirror, a smile appears on your face, and you are completely satisfied. With a wide range of options, we have just the right mirror for your home. There are simple cosmetic mirrors with only one reflective side and comfortable ones with two mirror surfaces in different magnifications. Small extras, such as a swivel rod or integrated LED lighting, fulfill extra wishes. All makeup mirrors have in common that they magnify. This way, the face is always enlarged when applying makeup, shaving, or skincare. The material of the cosmetic mirror can also play a role in the selection process. In our range, you will find makeup mirrors made of chrome-plated metal, such as brass or stainless steel, as well as acrylic. Simply browse through our shop in the mirror category. 

Freestanding mirror versus wall mirror

The first consideration is whether the mirror should be fixed to the wall or freely placed. Do you have enough space in the bathroom and a place to set up a freestanding cosmetic mirror? Or do you perhaps even have a dressing table where a freestanding mirror can be beautifully placed? Then a freestanding mirror is the right choice for you. Often, this is a popular bathroom accessory in larger families. It can happen that the bathroom is occupied by other family members, and the mother or daughter may want to do their makeup simultaneously for work or an event. Once teenagers live in the household, they will surely borrow the freestanding mirror for their first makeup attempts or evening styling. On the other hand, wall mirrors have the advantage of always looking tidy and there is no risk of them falling down. The wall mirrors are securely screwed to the wall or tiles using the included screws or glued with mounting materials.


Cosmetic mirror with wall mounting

Cosmetic mirrors that are wall-mounted combine the advantages of utilizing free space in the bathroom, ensuring the mirror is always in the right place, and preventing it from falling. Our wall mirrors are extendable or foldable, allowing them to be adjusted precisely to the required distance. After use, they can be folded back to save space. Additionally, a wall mirror can be swiveled to the right and left thanks to its arm. Mounting the cosmetic mirrors on the wall is traditionally done by screwing them onto the tiles or, in some models, using mounting materials. In this case, the wall plate is glued to the tiles, eliminating the need for drilling.


Mirror in the bathroom: illuminated or swivel-mounted


Rotatable, swivelable, extendable - small refinements in table mirrors

Table mirrors and wall mirrors differ in the useful extras they offer. Some models, for example, provide the swivel function. Foldable or extendable wall mirrors offer the possibility to position mirrors at an optimal distance. Furthermore, many models are equipped with various magnification surfaces. Therefore, it is important to consider the exact purpose and room where the cosmetic mirror will be needed before making a purchase.  

Swivelling bathroom mirror

Some of our bathroom mirrors can be easily adjusted in inclination with a rod. This has the advantage of allowing the mirror surface to be set either frontally or slightly tilted. Moreover, our rectangular table mirrors can be swiveled regarding their format. This allows you to view yourself in landscape as well as portrait orientation, depending on your needs. 


Table mirrors and wall mirrors with lighting

Illuminated table mirrors and wall mirrors make sense whenever there is not enough light source nearby. The lighting thus enhances the flexible use of the cosmetic mirror. An LED lighting, which is standard in our mirrors, is energy-efficient and durable. Also, no power outlet is needed - all our table mirrors with lighting are battery-operated. The light colour of our cosmetic mirrors ranges between 6000 and 7500 K, which is very close to natural light and provides very good visibility. It's worth noting that the higher the colour temperature, i.e., the Kelvin value, the colder the light. With optimal lighting, skincare becomes even more enjoyable and rewarding. 


Standing mirror: stainless steel, brass, chrome-plated metal



Stainless steel vanity mirrors

18/10 stainless steel is also used for cosmetic mirrors. The elegant models enable perfect styling. 

Acrylic make-up mirror

Complementing our range are makeup mirrors made of translucent acrylic glass, giving the models an elegant appearance. Cosmetic mirrors made of acrylic are also perfect for bathrooms with often higher humidity, such as our freestanding mirror Fiona


Tips for the care and cleaning of cosmetic mirrors

Crystal clear mirrors bring real joy. It's perfectly normal for mirror surfaces in the bathroom to occasionally get water splashes, dust, dirt, or fingerprints. By following simple care instructions, the joy of using the cosmetic mirror can be prolonged.  

  • Mirror surfaces can break. Therefore, avoid drops and strong impacts against the mirrors.
  • To maintain perfect visibility, never clean the mirror with abrasive sponges.
  • For removing grease and fingerprints, warm water with dish soap works best. Use microfiber cloths for drying.
  • Streaks can be removed quickly and easily with a microfiber cloth.
  • If the mirror is steamed up and you want to clear it quickly, simply blow-dry it from bottom to top with a hairdryer on a low setting. 
  • Glass cleaners and aggressive cleaning agents should not be used on the mirror surfaces of cosmetic mirrors if possible.


Cosmetic mirror from kela: with lighting, for wall mounting, various magnifications

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