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Beautiful washcloths in high-quality finishes and a wide range of colours.

Washcloths - cosy & colourful

Ladessa flannel in jade green from kela




Your wash mitt in various colours

All our bath textiles are colour-coordinated. Each colour comes in a washcloth, guest towel, hand towel, and bath towel, and some models and colours also include a special sauna towel. This makes it easy to perfectly match the washcloth with the existing colour scheme of your bathroom. Colours can quickly and easily bring a new look to your personal oasis. Is there a trend colour that particularly appeals to you right now? Or do you prefer fresh and lovely colours in spring and summer, while more muted colours come into the bathroom in the cool winter months? Our inspirations offer great ideas on how to create a cohesive look with washcloths, towels, and more – whether it’s Pastel Love or Colour Love Green


Leonora and Ladessa flannels in different colours


Washcloths in black

If you already have black bath textiles in your bathroom, you can complement them with black washcloths for a cohesive look. Black fits perfectly with elegant styles and modern bathrooms. It’s a striking and bold colour that can set wonderful accents in the bathroom. But your bath textiles don’t have to be purely black. Shades of grey look great alongside it, as does a bold trend colour.


Washcloths in blue

Blue washcloths – a classic and always a perfect choice for the bathroom. Complement your bath textiles with blue washcloths and feel the freshness of the colour when washing your face. Ocean blue, navy blue, frost blue, petrol, or mauve blue – as varied as the names for blue tones are, so are their effects. Create a maritime atmosphere with blue bath textiles. Feeling good can be so simple.


Colourful washcloths

Are you looking for colourful washcloths for your bathroom? Look no further... Our colour palette offers a wide selection of colourful washcloths. Various shades of yellow, red, blue, and green are available, as well as neutral colours like black and white. Bright, colourful washcloths can bring cheerfulness into your personal oasis, or you can create subtle colour combinations. Which colours appeal to you?



Soft washcloths made from high-quality cotton

Leonora flannel made of 100 % cotton




Flannel - Use

A cool washcloth can wake up even the sleepiest morning person. Or maybe using a washcloth for makeup removal is part of your routine? There are numerous uses for these small bath textiles. Delightfully soft washcloths not only refresh but can also provide small moments of comfort when used thoughtfully. The especially soft washcloths are perfect for young children and sensitive baby skin. 


Wash mitts

Whether called a wash mitt or washcloth mitt, these small bath textiles measure about 15 x 21 cm. Wash mitts are closed on three sides. You slip your hand into the mitt and can easily control the washing of your face or body. Because wash mitts don’t slip off your hand, they are great for gently massaging the skin during a bath. Another option for washing are soap cloths or soap towels, which are small towels measuring 30 x 30 cm.  



Washcloth holders

To allow washcloths to dry properly, all our wash mitts are equipped with a practical hanging loop. Wall hooks placed near the sink are particularly clever. This way, the washcloth quickly finds a place and is ready for the next use. We offer various sizes, shapes, and materials for washcloth holders in our range. There are also different attachment systems for fixing the holder to tiles. Our high-quality Lucido double hook made of stainless steel is a great eye-catcher. To ensure a fresh washcloth is always at hand, they can be neatly stored in small baskets. 


Flannels in a world of colour, holder for flannels



Frequently asked questions about washcloths


How should you wash mitts?

Modern detergents and washing machines are highly efficient, often achieving clean laundry with 40 °C wash cycles. However, for washcloths and towels, washing at 60 °C is still recommended to ensure they are hygienically clean. This higher temperature is essential for killing any germs, fungi, and bacteria that may reside on these bath textiles. To prevent the growth of germs, it is crucial to thoroughly dry washcloths before placing them in the laundry basket. Similarly, ensure they are completely dry before storing them in your linen cupboard. 

Should you wash your face with a flannel?

Even if you do not wear makeup or daily creams, cleaning your face morning and night is vital to prevent pores from becoming clogged with sebum. The facial skin is thinner and more sensitive, making soft washcloths ideal for gentle cleansing. It is important to gently wipe the face with a washcloth and clear water, avoiding vigorous rubbing. A dry washcloth can also be used to pat the cleansed face dry. Washcloth mitts are particularly suitable for facial cleansing as they fit over the hand and do not slip during use.

How should washcloths be dried?

After each wash, allow the washcloth to dry as much as possible. Wring out the washcloth thoroughly and shake it out to remove any folds. A damp, bunched-up washcloth can become a breeding ground for germs, bacteria, and fungi. Regularly replacing washcloths and washing them at high temperatures is essential for hygiene. Using a tumble dryer is beneficial, as it softens the fibres, maintaining the washcloth’s plush feel. Dryer balls can be added to enhance this effect. Always follow the washing and care instructions on the label. 

How often should washcloths be changed?

The frequency of washing your washcloths depends on their use. Washcloths used for body cleansing in the shower or bath should be washed after each use. Those used to wipe a child’s mouth after meals can be used 3-4 times before washing. Always ensure the washcloth is well-dried between uses and before placing it in the laundry basket.

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