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Discover high-quality casserole dishes in different sizes and materials.

Casserole dishes from kela - ready for delicious dishes from the oven?

Casseroles are in season all year round. While hearty casseroles may be reserved for the cooler season, you can enjoy a delicious lasagne or pasta au gratin all year round. In addition, casseroles are wonderfully versatile: whether vegetarian, with meat or fish or as a sweet treat. Casseroles are simple and very easy to prepare. The principle of preparation is the same for almost all casseroles. The ingredients are placed in the casserole dish and a liquid is poured over them. Hearty dishes are often topped with cheese. Dishes in casseroles are also a perfect choice for small birthday parties or celebrations, as the host has time for his guests. 

Casseroles are available in many different designs and are guaranteed to become the favourite cookware in the home in no time. The design can be round, oval or square. Depending on the material, there is also a wide range of colours. The versatile casserole dishes must be extremely heat-resistant, as they are placed in the oven at high temperatures. Since casseroles are extremely decorative, they can be used immediately for serving. And if there are any leftovers, they can be stored in the dish in the fridge and reheated in the oven the next day. For the kitchen at home, casserole dishes in different sizes are recommended, as small dishes can be used, for example, to serve lasagne per guest, while at other times a large casserole dish is needed for potato gratin.  

Casserole dishes from kela can be heated up to 280 °C and are dishwasher-safe. 



 Malin – serving and casserole dishes in red


Glass casserole dish

Like ceramic casseroles, glass casseroles are heat-resistant and can be used in the oven. Glass looks cooler, lighter and more modern. A great side effect of glass casseroles is the fact that the cooking process and the dish as a whole can be observed. This effect is particularly advantageous for layered dishes. In glass casserole dishes, food can be heated perfectly - both in the oven and in the microwave.



Your casserole dish in different sizes & shapes

In our shop, we have casserole dishes in round and rectangular shapes. Casserole dishes are classically square, and not without reason. An angular base offers a lot of volume and can also be arranged in a space-saving way in the oven, should several casseroles be heated at the same time. All casseroles have small handles on the side. Thanks to these, the dish is very easy to grip for serving, and these handles also give the casseroles a special look. The Maila ceramic casserole dishes also have a beautiful grooved structure. 


If the purchase of casserole dishes is planned, the size of the household is a first guideline. For large families, different shapes are needed than for a single household. Cooking habits also play a role, as depending on the dish, a large or small casserole dish may be the right choice. And sometimes it is just nice to serve each family member their own casserole dish. For example, a lasagne can be prepared individually, as not everyone wants mushrooms or a minced meat sauce. 

Large casserole dish

Large casseroles are particularly suitable for serving the whole family or several people at a small party. For a small family, casseroles measuring around 19 x 32 cm are a good choice, while large casseroles measuring around 22 x 38 cm are perfect for 4-person households.  

Malin casserole dishes various sizes and shapes


Rectangular casserole dish

Rectangular casserole dishes are classics and very common. The rectangular casserole dish is particularly suitable for lasagne, as the pasta sheets can be easily fitted in. A potato gratin can also be arranged neatly and creates a beautiful picture. A small side effect is the fact that a rectangular casserole dish offers optimal space and volume. 


XXL casserole dish

XXL casserole dishes are very large representatives of casserole dishes. They are particularly suitable for celebrations to be able to provide many guests with delicious oven dishes. XXL casseroles are usually rectangular. 



Malin round ceramic serving and casserole dish 




Casserole dishes in a set

With a practical set of casserole dishes, the cooking fun can begin immediately. Do you like crème brûlée? Then the Manou crème brûlée set with 4 bowls and a gas burner is just right for you. With this set, you can prepare the well-known French dessert with egg yolks, sugar and cream. The porcelain bowls can be used in the oven up to 280 °C. The gas burner is used to make the caramel. The gas burner is needed to caramelise the sugar on the cream that is ready to serve.

You can also put together all the other casserole dishes for casseroles & co. according to your needs - whether the same size casserole dishes or a set with different sizes. Our series include between two and four different sizes - so that you can choose your casserole dish set individually. 



Casserole dishes - versatile

As the name suggests, casseroles are very often prepared in these moulds. There are many delicious dishes for casseroles, from a tasty potato gratin to hearty or sweet pies and quiches. Even dishes that do not go into the oven for gratinating, such as tiramisu or tomato mozzarella, can be prepared and served attractively in these casserole dishes. Large and small casserole dishes are also great kitchen helpers for marinating meat or vegetables.

Small casseroles are needed for various starters and desserts. For soufflés, which can be prepared savoury or sweet, high dishes (Maleen dishes) are the perfect choice, while small casseroles, i.e. dishes with a low rim, are suitable for crème brûlée. 

Small casseroles - Maleen bowls for soufflé and crème brûlée



Frequently asked questions about the casserole dish


How should a casserole dish be greased?

Greasing is especially important when baking. But in general, and especially for casseroles with little liquid, it is advisable to grease the casserole dish. Soft butter is perfect for greasing. Grease the entire dish to just below the rim with a brush or a piece ofpaper. Oil or margarine can also be used. Greasing prevents the ingredients from sticking to the rim of the casserole dish, so that nice pieces can be removed after cooking.

How can you make a casserole dish smaller?

If the existing casserole dishes in the kitchen are too big for a dish, you can reduce the size of the casserole dish with aluminium foil. Tear off a piece of aluminium foil slightly wider than the width of the casserole dish and fold a strip to the desired height. Now fold the ends along the edge of the casserole dish so that the liquid cannot run through the separation.  

How to clean casserole dishes?

Since dishes are often prepared with liquid in casserole dishes and often baked with cheese, it is impossible to avoid residues remaining on the edges or burning easily. To gently remove these encrustations, the casserole dish can first be soaked in hot water and a little washing-up liquid. Most residues can be removed in this way after a short time. Very stubborn encrustations can be removed with water and baking soda. Casserole dishes should not be cleaned with scouring pads or steel wool. Note: do not use sharp-edged kitchen utensils, even for cutting in the dish and removing the food. 

What do I need a casserole dish for?

Casserole dishes are a great kitchen aid for preparing a wide variety of dishes. Typically, these dishes are suitable for all kinds of casseroles. Lasagne, for example, is classically prepared and served in casseroles. But there are many oven dishes in casseroles, whether with pasta, potatoes, rice, fish, meat or vegetables. Sweet casseroles are also very popular with both children and adults.  

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