Vielseitiges Kochgeschirr zum Kochen und Braten

Cooking and roasting

For your kitchen equipment: pots, pans, woks, roasters, casseroles and accessories


Cooking and roasting with high-quality kitchen equipment

Pans, pots, woks, roasting pans as well as high-quality kettles and useful accessories including kitchen timers or splash guards (for pots or pans) by Kela. Now you can set the standards for cooking and frying yourself. There is something for every taste with the wide range of high quality kitchen equipment in different designs.

And because you never know what the future will bring, many pots and pans are also suitable for various types of stoves such as glass ceramic, induction, gas, and electric cookers. Find out about our various high-quality pot and pan collections such as Stoneline, Kerros,  and Cailin. Choose what you desire from saucepans, pans, pots, roasting pans, woks in various sizes. Moreover, our range of products includes kettles, serving pans, special grill pans, crêpe pans, and corner pans with matching accessories.

Quality pots and pans are an important part of a well-equipped kitchen. Burnt food in your pan is annoying and should not happen. Searing dishes is fun with the range of high-quality pans from Kela since the food won’t burn due to of their non-stick coating.

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