Bathroom furniture

Stand models, small furniture and other accessories for the individual furnishing of bathrooms and toilets


The perfect bathroom furnishings and accessories – toilet brush set, towel rack, small bathroom furniture, and wall accessories

A new fresh look can be easily created in each room with movable small furniture items and accessories. There are many ways you can add freshness to your bathroom. Choose towel holders or towel racks and a matching toilet brush set which integrates with your furnishing style and pursue your personal furnishing concept. Small wall accessories, such as storage baskets, attachable towel rails or soap trays will be helpful and practical in your bathroom. With small shelving solutions, trolleys or towel ladders you can quickly and flexibly create customizable storage areas. And last but not least, a matching wall clock and integrated bathroom scale can be added to your oasis of well-being.

A variety of collections for your very personal interior design style

A harmonious and consistent concept brings peace and harmony into every room. That’s why it is especially important to us to offer a wide range of collections featuring matching toilet brush sets and towel holders. Kela also offers matching bathroom accessories, such as soap dispensers, soap dishes or toothbrush holders for many of the freestanding sets. That means, whether your style is rather puristic and clear, elegant or modern, we would like to put the icing on the cake with accessories and small furniture. Even with respect to the materials, almost every wish is fulfilled with stainless steel, lacquered or chromed metal, brass and glass, natural stone or wood finishing. Last but not least, we attach great importance to a wide range of colors to actually have the right clock for the finishing touch to your design.

Optimum use of space through freestanding or wall-mountable bathroom accessories

Whether a freestanding towel stand or a fixed towel rail, you decide what kind of space your bathroom offers. Towel racks, towel holders, and towel rails are ideal ways to keep order in your towels and let them air dry. Even for soap dispensers, toothbrush holders, and toilet brush sets, you can select a freestanding version or a wall-mounted solution.

Different fastening systems for wall mounting
The collections also differ in terms of mounting options. If you do not want to drill holes in the tiles, then you can attach the accessory by means of special adhesives which is available for many collections.

Quick links to the furnishings and accessories according to your wishes

Do you already have a lot of specific ideas concerning your bathroom design? Take a quick look at our extensive assortment and be inspired.

Toilet sets – large selection of freestanding toilet sets for your bathroom or the guest toilet
Towel holders – would you like a freestanding towel holder, towel ladder or even a towel stand?
Wall accessories – wall mounting often offers the optimal solution for small bathrooms
Furniture – small shelves, trolleys, and stools for the final touch in your bathroom
Clocks – so you don’t forget the time in your newly designed oasis of well-being
Bathroom scales – in many colors and different designs



Our Topsellers in Bathroom furniture
Toilet set Style
chromed L-Form-Design
20x20cm 71cm h
Item No.: 22490
Toilet set Sinerio
Metal matt chromed / powder
coating anthracite
Item No.: 22231
Towel holder Sinerio
Metal matt chromed / powder
coating anthracite with
Item No.: 22230
Towel holder Style
chromed L-Form-Design
2 Bars 20x30cm 81cmh
Item No.: 18781
Wall mirror Avita
Chromed, rotatable, extendable
simple/five magnifying 18,5cmØ
Item No.: 20847
Toilet paper holder Marbea
Stainless Steel 18/10 mat
Item No.: 21582
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